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CCTV and Security

The reason why people are installing CCTV security systems nowadays is because of the visual aspect of the cameras being around.

People think twice before they want to break into a car or break into a house or involve themselves in any kind of criminal act.

It has been stated and shown and proven that people that have been convicted, having been caught on CCTV, admit that they have been caught because of the fact that there is proof of footage of them on CCTV.

This also cuts down on the cost of investigations and court cases in the long term.

CCTV DVR (digital video recording) System

As technology has grown, it has gone past where we have recorders (like VHS recorders) where you recorded footage and if you need to go back and actually have a look to find any perpetrators on the CCTV system or on the footage that has been filmed by the cameras, you need to forward and rewind.

On CCTV with digital video recording, you punch in the time and the day, between for instances eleven o clock in the morning and two in the afternoon, then you can actually watch the footage of that particular day from as far back as actually, it is unlimited, depending on the size of the hard drive that you have and if the information that you have is put onto the hard drive.

CCTV Installations

On our CCTV installations, we have qualified installation teams.

The teams are equipped to take on the clients requests in the sense of what they need for their CCTV security system.

For example, what they need to monitor, how far they need to monitor, the clarity and the quality of their system.

Everything is put together with regards to the clients budget that is proposed for their system and from the requirements of the client for the system. From this and from what their requirements are as to what they need to observe, a system is put together that will fit their budget.

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Cctv Security: Cctv And Security

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This article was published on 2010/09/30